Appenzell, Switzerland during Travel Through Europe via car which included Germany, Austria and Italy as well

Traveled by car for 34 days through Europe which included Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. After visiting family in Germany, via our computer we researched places to see and chose our destinations the night before. We used the GPS to find hotels,Guesthouses, restaurants, places of interest and did not need a tour guide. It was a blast..every day was an exciting adventure. The people were also phenomenal.

I remember one night near the Bodensee region, where we were so tired driving around for a place to stay. I was in my ‘trying to find a hotel close to our next morning’s destination’ mode…pushed it a little too far until nearly 1:00 am. We finally found a place called Godfried’s…thank god it was open! So many businesses, including hotels and restaurants close early in the little towns speckled across Europe…well, we got a great price for a nice size suite, and after 10 minutes of being in the room there was a knock on the door….Godfried was standing there with a huge platter of bread, meats, cheeses, fruit and a bottle of wine. The kitchen was closed, but he himself went back there and made us this platter. That is a memory I will not forgot….

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