Jacqueline Agentis is an award-winning international photographer shooting for over 30 yrs. Formally trained, and with some years as a corporate photographer with AT&T Bell Labs, her interest and study has always been in fine art; and Her natural and creative lifestyle photography is praised by many around the country and internationally. The most singular of her abilities is a gift to connect with her clients…an attribute that helps a portrait become so much more…

Growing up, my mother was the photography buff; and in fact selling cameras in Germany was how she met my father, an American G.I. who just couldn’t get the hang of his camera, going back to her every day with more and more questions. Of course, photography wasn’t the subject of his interest. My mother took pictures of nearly everything we did. Mind you, this was in the days of film as the process was a bit slower; and looking back, she actually took the time to set up the shot…frames were definitely not squandered. This is why many of her photographs are very impressive.

Now it so happens, I had a love of drawing and quite an aptitude for it. I could draw all day, and all night long. So next stop, Kutztown University, where I went to formally study the subject, but found myself gravitating more and more to photography, b&w in particular. Maybe because pen & ink detailed drawing was my forte, I fell in love with Ansel Adams followed by other classics, Alfred Stieglitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Margaret Bourke White, etc. With a brief stint developing knowledge and skills with fine detailed etching, I chose Photography for my BFA.

I did take a hiatus for a number of years; then rekindled my passion and landed a hard-won position as a staff photographer for AT&T shooting top executives and scientists along with a myriad of subjects, honing my craft with some very talented photographers. The opportunity to work with great people and learn on the latest equipment from 4×5, through medium format, and then to the new digital was integral in my development as a technician and artist.

To earn more income, I went to the business side of the house for the next 15 years, give or take. The last 5 of those, I picked up the camera again and started shooting relentlessly, especially with the advent of digital….slowly building up my equipment and my knowledge. 3 years ago I took the plunge, doing this now full time and have never looked back!

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Her images have appeared in a number publications, including the NY Times. She has received many awards, and has been involved with both solo and group exhibitions. Her clients range from Ford Models to corporate executives, Politicians; with many appearing in commercials, and publications with Kohl’s, Crayola, Parenting Magazine to name a few. Client locations: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Kentucky, London, and Manchester UK.

“Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is my photographic aspiration. Whether capturing the beauty of color, texture, and architectural features in the reminisce of a factory; or the relationship of people with their environment and each other in headshot, portrait or street photography…the extraordinary and meaningful is there to be found.”

She donates her professional time and images to various charity organizations: St. Baldricks Foundation (www.stbaldricks.org), DSACK (Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky:(www.dsack.org), TeedOffAtCancer for the fight against pancreatic cancer.)

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