Pro Camera Images Processed using the iPad

FC Sonic Team in Training

In previous posts I mention creating images solely using the iPhone and iPad. In this post I’ll talk about using the iPhone / iPad for post production of images taken with a professional DSLR Camera. In this case, the Nikon D300s. The process I used for this example image is as follows:

1. I took the image on a rainy, cloudy, muddy day, which struck me as something to emphasize. The fact that the team is pushing through the adverse conditions with intense training.
2. After uploading the images, I noticed the rain wasn’t as evident as I had hoped. At that point I decided to use a texture overlay; and actually used an image of blue jean material with a light opacity…and then, with a fine brush I emphasized the rain streaks. It still needed more grit.
3. Emailed the image to myself (full-size)
4. Added desaturated grit and a gritty border.
5. Added watermark
6. Done!

You can see additional images in the gallery, and stay tuned…I will be adding more!

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