Wall Street Protesters, An Eclectic Crowd!

Wall Street protesters in a small park near Chambers Street close to Wall St, NYC

Now, aside from their right to protest, I’m neither for or against the protesters as there are so many different issues being represented. Some I definitely support, and some I don’t. I’m not a photojournalist per se, but whenever I can, I like to get out there and see events for myself. So much is mis-represented by the media today. I need to see for my self and let the photos speak for themselves.

The folks out there come from all walks of life, with a myriad of issues. They were friendly, willing to talk; and were excited to be a part of something, and have a platform to be heard. Some were more serious then others. My photos show no violence, because I didn’t see violence. Not to say all the protesters are peaceful, I cannot say that either. I only covered one block. The group I photographed were camped in a small park a few blocks from Wall St itself.

The images in this blog are a sample of those protesters. Check out more images of the Protesters via the Gallery.

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