Wow, Best Travel Destination, Part 1: Carnaval In Brazil

Travel Vitoria Brazil 2014 by Jacqueline C Agentis Photography[/caption]

Let The Celebration Begin! Carnaval 2014. Vitoria, Brazil from Jacqueline C Agentis Photography on Vimeo.

Expanding cultural horizons is something that will always add value to a person’s life. If you’re of the same mindset or wanting to, Brazil is a fantastic spot. There are so many reasons why I say this, but we can start with fun and check out Carnaval.

Carnaval is celebrated in nearly every town and city in Brazil usually 5 days from Friday to the following Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The festivities, however, may begin weeks before. The largest celebration is held in Rio de Janeiro. The party starts around 10:00 PM and goes all night. Personally, we got home around 9 am…whew! Don’t forget to catch a little shut-eye before going back out again…for 5 straight nights!

The parade is in essence a Samba School competition. You can join them if you wish, but they are mostly of locals from the favelas (urban areas). Each ‘school’ (team) is judged on several elements of their performance, including costumes and original song. These Schools prepare all year for Carnaval working on their handmade costumes, choreography, music, etc. If going to Brazil, Carnaval is an exceptional attraction not to be missed.

Photographing this celebration was a privilege, especially to experience a people’s revelry and passion for an event.

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