Lehigh Valley Headshots In Winter

Lehigh Valley Headshtos

Lehigh Valley Headshtos

The day was cold and gray. The streets were crowded with the bustle of shoppers, kids, dogs, and anything that could be there was downtown on Main Street Sunday. The Holiday spirit was definitely in the air as so many were determined to spend Christmas in The Christmas City (Bethlehem, Pa). Through the colorful crowds, carolers wearing reindeer antlers, pair of golden retrievers wearing jingle bells, the Mounted Police, and the horse-drawn carriage, we actually pulled off a successful location Headshot photoshoot.

The shoot took a little patience waiting for backgrounds to clear; but the weather, although cold, was perfect. You can’t get better then a gray day for Headshots or Portraits. There is no glare, no squinting, no harsh shadows to deal with. The festive mood actually contributed to our success. The location is one of my favorite spots for Headshots. Downtown Bethlehem has so much color and texture in a relatively close area. Add a talented Actor as a subject and you the perfect Shoot.

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