Black and White Portrait

Black and white portrait of a young girl in Kennebunk,
Maine by International Lifestyle Photographer
Jacqueline C Agentis

First, plenty of rest and hydration the night before a shoot has a significant impact on the resulting images. Here are some tips to follow that also impact the quality of the results:

1. Clean lint-free and wrinkle-free. Bring lint brush/roller.

2. Eat before your shoot! Energy level very important! But avoid any food or drinks that color lips/teeth/tongue/gums, etc….colored Gatorade out of the question, etc. Bring energy bar, etc to keep up energy level, especially for kids.

3. Make-up. Goal is even and natural skin tone, cover blemishes, and careful with mascara!

4. Groomed fingers and toes.

5. For men, groomed facial (neckline also) hair. Bring shaving kit if you want rough and then clean-shaven look.

6. Facials/Haircuts done a week or two before the shoot.

7. Groomed Eyebrows! Men and Women!

8. Watch out for dry lips. Bring a moisture or lip balm, gloss, etc…..

9. Arrive hair-ready, and bring your brush/comb for touch-ups.

10. Wardrobe should be logo-free, and avoid bold busy prints or discuss with photographer before shoot.

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