Family Portrait Album Bethesda By The Sea

Family Portrait Album Bethesda By The Sea Palm Beach Florida

Family Portrait Album Bethesda By The Sea Palm Beach Florida

First let me say that this photo shoot was a very special one for me. Everything seemed to click, i.e. the stars were aligned!! The location was spectacular, Bethesda By The Sea in Palm Beach Florida. It was easy to mix Gothic architecture with contemporary portraiture. Rain was forecast and we did have to run for it in the middle of the shoot; but that was ok as it definitely loosened everyone up.

All peeps present wanted the photos, from the kids to the Grandmother; so the entire shoot took on a more creative atmosphere with patience and fun.

Now, remember the days when visiting relatives, someone would bring out an old leather family photo album containing the visual family history. Today one might say we have so many photos of our every day lives on our phones, tablets, computers, of our every day lives; and I would agree. I may then say if I’m your good friend or relative and come to your house, what would I see. Would you take out your phone and show me a little 2″ photo that you took in less then ideal circumstances, or would you show me a nice book with beautiful large clear photos that I can see, and that your family can see 20+ years from now.

I truly believe the photos we capture today, although we currently enjoy them, are not primarily for us but for our family’s future…our legacy. God knows what kind of format we’ll be using in 20/40/60 years from now. Did anyone ever copy all their 8 tracks to cassette, and then to CD? Something to think about….

This photo shoot was an inspiration to design an album, showcase and be an evangelist for albums and photo books. What a treasure for any family…..

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